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Convert Sunlight Into Energy
No More Power Bill
Save 30% With Federal Tax Credit
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We'll Handle Everything

From permitting to installation, we’ll take care of everything. After you order, we’ll gather remote aerial imagery of your home, design your system, take care of any necessary permits and schedule your installation. Once installed, we’ll schedule an inspection with the city and work with your utility to receive approval to power on.

Advent Solar

Powerwall stores energy and makes it available on demand anytime — at night or during an outage.

Energy Storage

No More Blackouts!

Manage your solar system and home energy consumption from anywhere in the world with 24/7 mobile monitoring. Watch your consumption rise and fall in real time, including historical usage. 
Advent SOLAR offers a range of batteries including LG, Tesla and more. We will design a system that works best for your lifestyle. At Advent SOLAR we don't believe in the cookie cutter standards. Each home is unique just like you. Let's build a custom power storage and monitoring system around YOUR lifestyle. 
Advent Solar

Save Your Energy

Plug-in Cars

Save Your Energy

A standard 110V outlet wasn’t meant for a lot of things, just not your electric vehicle. Get a 240V home charger installed and power up to 6 times faster than a standard home outlet—plus, monitor and schedule charges with your smartphone.

Why Go Solar?

Here are 5 great reasons

Why Go Solar?
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